Kristin Fontichiaro


Title   ATOS Format Qty
Searching Online Spring 2020
Recording Podcasts Spring 2020
Coding on the Playground Spring 2020
Coding at the Zoo Spring 2020
Coding in the City Spring 2020
Coding at the Water Park Spring 2020
Coding in the Science Lab Spring 2020
Coding Onstage Spring 2020
Coding at the Grocery Store Spring 2020
Coding in the Cafeteria Spring 2020
A Better Backpack
A Better Hoodie
Using Light to Make Shadow Puppets
Hacking T-Shirts
Building Squishy Circuits
Taking Toys Apart
Prototyping Your Inventions
Creating Data Visualizations
Big Data
Citizen Science
Designing Board Games
Organizing a MakerFest
Hacking Fashion: Denim
Hacking Fashion: Fleece 5.3
Watch It! Researching with Videos 4.7
Review It! Helping Peers Create Their Best Work 4.1
Design Thinking 5.8
Hacking Fashion: T-Shirts 5.4
Squishy Circuits
Understanding and Creating Infographics 5.8
Starting Your Own Blog 4.2
Maker Faire 6.0
Raspberry Pi 6.6
Shared Creations: Making Use of Creative Commons
Speak Out! Creating Podcasts and Other Audio Recordings
Blog It! 4.8
Know What to Ask: Forming Great Research Questions 4.7
Find Out Firsthand: Using Primary Sources 3.6
Navigating The Information Tsunami
Getting Around Online
Podcasting 101
Go Straight to the Source
  • Soon! Fall 2020
  • New! Spring 2020
  • Recent Fall 2019

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