Adam Weber


Title   ATOS Format Qty
I Know Basketball 2.0
Poison Ivy Makes Me Itch 3.5
What Do People Do in Summer? 1.0
There is Day and Night 2.4
My Fingernails Grow 3.3
I Throw Up 4.3
I Get the Hiccups 3.8
We Have Hurricanes 3.9
We Have Earthquakes 3.2
I Burp 4.0
Flowers Bloom 3.9
Leaves Change Color 3.0
I Need Glasses 3.9
It Snows 3.3
I Get Hungry 4.2
I See Rainbows 3.3
I Talk in My Sleep 3.0
I Can't Eat Peanuts 4.6
I Cry 3.8
I See Falling Stars 3.4
I Know Baseball 1.8
I Get Sunburned 4.2
It Gets Foggy 3.6
We Have Tornadoes 3.4
I Know Soccer 1.8
I Have a Belly Button 3.4
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