Timothy Cap


Title   ATOS Format Qty
Quick and Quiet: Dragonfly 1.2
Flying Flippers: Sea Turtle 1.3
Blue and Bumpy: Blue Crab 1.0
Awesome Arms: Octopus 1.0
Big and Blubbery: Walrus 1.1
Lanky Legs: Praying Mantis 1.2
Bright and Beautiful: Butterfly 1.1
Hairy Hunter: Tarantula 1.1
Bats Sleep Upside Down 3.2
Chameleons Change Color 4.6
Snakes Shed Their Skin 3.2
Spiders Weave Webs 4.4
Fast and Flightless 1.0
Feathered and Fierce 1.1
Fiercely Feline 1.0
Flashy Feathers 1.0
HighSpeed Hoppers 1.1
Majestic Manes 1.1
Poised and Pink 1.2
Scaly Swimmers 1.1
Slinky Sliders 1.3
Sneaky Snouts 1.2
Spotted Singers 0.9
Twisty Tails 1.1
Brachiosaurus 3.2
Coelophysis 2.9
Mammoth and Mastodon 3.3
Plateosaurus 2.9
Pterosaur 3.0
Saber-Toothed Cat 3.3
Eat a Balanced Diet! 3.7
Exercise! 4.0
Visit the Doctor! 3.7
Visit the Dentist! 3.8
Practice Good Hygiene! 3.7
Get a Good Night's Sleep! 3.5
Bears Hibernate 2.7
Dolphins Breathe Air 3.1
Skunks Smell Bad 3.2
Zebras Have Stripes 3.3
Camels Have Humps 3.4
Elephants Have Trunks 4.0
Giraffes Have Long Necks 3.8
Penguins Can't Fly 3.2
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  • New! Spring 2020
  • Recent Fall 2019

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