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Each book in this series begins by offering an informal self-assessment asking its young readers what they enjoy doing or are curious about, presented alongside the topics covered by the series. The books then present various job profiles with accompanying photos. “Check it Out” lists websites to explore for further information and “Start Now” explains what to do in order to hone one’s skills in a particular profession as well as prepare for the future. Some of the suggestions for skill improvement will intrigue youngsters as they include sketching, creating models or maps, starting a garden, observing worksites, surveying, getting acquainted with equipment, volunteering, and playing popular games such as Angry Birds, Minecraft, and others. Toward the end of each book there is a table to fill in for one’s own pick of profession. This is a clear, colorful, straightforward series for elementary grades that provide an interactive introduction to a variety of different career tracks. Glossary. Index.

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