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School Library Connection - Global Citizens - World Religions

Cover: Global Citizens: World Religions

This series is an excellent source for reference materials about the major religions. Each is laid out identically with: History—roots of the religion; Geography—maps and how it formed; Civics—organization and ideas; and Economics—funding the faith. Inserted within each chapter are text boxes that pose questions, include additional information, and provide suggestions for the reader’s further research. A “Think About it” section gives data on current enrollment statistics and projections for the future along with reflective questions. Each book has a chart of the key holidays. The series does a great job of defining the differences between the various sects within the major religions without getting buried in minutia. The paragraphs are well-constructed so that younger reader can absorb the information without being overwhelmed. The photos, maps, and illustrations are captioned and enhance the text. Additional Resources. Glossary.

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