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School Library Connection - Viewpoints on the Battle of Pearl Harbor

Cover: Viewpoints on the Attack on Pearl Harbor

This series takes various historical events and tells each story through three different perspectives. By the end of these slim volumes, readers will have acquired well-rounded knowledge of the specific event. While these books could be used for pleasure or report reading, there are features that lend themselves well to classroom use. Sidebars call on readers to “think about it” or “analyze this,” urging students to go out and find other points of view, which aligns nicely to the Common Core standards. Depending on the topic, some volumes will be more popular than others, but all are very successful at conveying information on their respective topics. Each volume has several chapters from different viewpoints, suggestions for further reading, and an activity that has readers looking at a photo from different perspectives. Glossary. Index. Timeline. Recommended.

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Viewpoints on the Attack on Pearl Harbor

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