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Booklist - Kraken vs. Hydra (Battle Royale: Lethal Warriors)

Cover: Kraken vs. Hydra

Pop culture fans love taking powerful characters from separate worlds and debating who would win in a fight, and the Battle Royale: Lethal Warriors series walks high/low readers through this alluring game. Each title pairs two of “the deadliest and most feared warriors from different time periods, mythology, and legends,” outlining their respective traits before simulating a fight between them. The results, however, are left up to the readers, calling upon them to utilize the information they’ve learned and exercise some imagination. Bigfoot vs. Krampus pits two similarly large, brutish beasts against each other. A pair of huge, many- appendaged monsters clash in Kraken vs. Hydra. In Medusa vs. Hel, Greek mythology meets Norse legend, and Witches vs. Genies features two types of magical beings. Reluctant readers will certainly be hooked by the concept—bolstered by sections of “Fun Facts,” detailed descriptions of the subjects, and an inclusion of violence…Vocab words are highlighted, with definitions following in the text (as well as the glossary). Still, this foolproof concept will attract a range of readers, high/low and on-level.

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