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Cover: Four Seasons of Fun: Egg Hunts! Fireworks! Pumpkins! Reindeer!

A rhyming look at all the fun to be had during a year of seasonal changes. An apple tree anchors the book, its branches visually portraying each of the seasons: “Glittering sunbeams make a golden crown / for a tree that is wearing a blossom gown.” Daigneault’s illustration here shows the tree heavily laden with pinkish blossoms, the top of the tree tinged yellow from the rays of the sun. Opposite the tree, a groundhog emerges. This sets up a pattern, as Edwards introduces an animal and how it experiences the season (in summer, birds feed their chicks in the nest, for example) before two double-page spreads show how children enjoy it. In autumn: “Racing the field, taking aim, / Helping your team to win the game.” A Hallmark holiday is included in each season: Easter (hunting eggs and bunny treats), the Fourth of July, Halloween, and Christmas (leaving out cookies for Santa). This book is best shared with an adult, as text on the introductory spreads is in cursive, and children may need help with some of the heightened language and imagery on these pages, gorgeous though they are. The illustrations are realistic and portray both beautiful nature scenes and children enjoying the suburban outdoors (only three activities take place indoors). The kids have varied skin tones and hair textures, though they do not appear to be economically diverse. Books about the seasons abound. This one’s mentions of specific holidays may limit its audience.

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Four Seasons of Fun: Egg Hunts! Fireworks! Pumpkins! Reindeer!

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