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Readers get a behind-the-scenes look at the lives and habits of Santa’s reindeer in this bedtime-oriented Christmas story. As Santa and Mrs. Claus bid the reindeer good night (“Good night, reindeer./ Good night, Blitzen./ Time for bed./ Good night, Vixen”), the animals’ bedrooms give readers a sense of their interests: Dancer is pirouetting in a pink tutu instead of sleeping, Cupid is rocking out on drums, studious Donner is planning for the big night with a map and globe, and Dasher is up late reading. Bucci’s digital paintings have a claylike quality reminiscent of 3-D animated films, and Brennan-Nelson’s simple, sturdy rhymes build to a closing gag that involves Rudolph’s unwillingness (or inability) to turn out the lights. A pleasing holiday bedtime story that strikes a neat balance between restfulness and rowdiness. Ages 4–8.

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