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Booklist - Lizzie and the Last Day of School

Cover: Lizzie and the Last Day of School

Lizzie loved nursery school. Kindergarten was even better. When fall comes, she is ready for real school, first grade with Miss G., a new teacher who encourages her students throughout the year and makes every day fun. But all too soon, it’s the last day of school. While most kids are overjoyed, Lizzie is overwhelmed with sadness. She finds a kindred spirit in Miss G., but a last-minute plot twist gives them both something to cheer about after all. As a picture-book writer, Noble is best known for the classic The Day Jimmy’s Boa Ate the Wash (1980). In her latest, she tells a good story, bolstered with details that make Lizzie’s thoughts and emotions believable. The scene where Lizzie returns to school to hug Miss G. good-bye is unexpectedly poignant. Colorful artwork that looks to be done in pencil and watercolors illustrates the settings, the characters, and their activities with finesse. An appealing picture book for reading aloud.

—Carolyn Phelan

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Lizzie and the Last Day of School 3.4

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