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Cover: Lizzie and the Last Day of School

A girl’s love for school is more than evident in this latest from Noble.Lizzie loved everything about school in preschool and kindergarten, from the smell of the books to her school supplies. She even spent all summer playing school with her baby sister, Lulu. Now it’s her “first year of school.” She can’t wait for a whole year of school! The seasons turn, and Lizzie’s class does all sorts of things: read books, move to music, plant a garden. Lizzie shares each thing with Lulu. But then comes the day when books are collected, field-day events take place, and desks are cleaned out. Lizzie feels cheated of several months of school. But she’s not the only oneā€”her first-year teacher is just as sad. Luckily, though, Miss G.‘s picked to teach summer school, and Lizzie joins her to make and fly kites, take nature walks, visit a local farm and take swimming lessons. While summer school here sounds more like camp, Noble clearly gets across Lizzie’s love of school. McLeod’s round-headed, rosy-cheeked characters share their every emotion, especially Lizzie and Miss G. on the final day. Many may get the wrong impression about summer school from this offering, but here’s hoping Lizzie’s joy in school is infectious. (Picture book. 5-7)

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