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Thunderstorms are for sharing." Rain poured. /Raccoon shivered. / Thunder roared./ Raccoon quivered." Raccoon is not altogether comfortable alone in his den as the storm outside rages. Nevertheless, he braves the wet night in order to find some company with whom he can share his collywobbles. In a narrative composed of onomatopoeia and occasional verse, Raccoon travels through the woods, dropping in on Possum, Quail, and Woodchuck in turn, only to be refused entry because there isn’t enough room. “Swish, swish, PLISH.” Raccoon pushes on through the darkness and rain—Poh’s fine artwork resembles particularly good theatrical backdrops against which her stylized figures stand out—until he reaches Rabbit’s hutch, overrun with little rabbits. Raccoon thinks it’s another bust until Rabbit says, “What good luck….Come right in. There’s always room for a good friend.” Being rabbits, they have to be space-ready. Soon enough Possum, Quail, and Woodchuck, come knocking, seeking emotional shelter from the storm, and they, too, are welcomed in for some carrot stew and to romp with the 10 little rabbits. Come on in, the story says without saying it, which is always the best way, there’s always room for one more. Readers may notice that only Rabbit is identified as female, which reinforces more than one stereotype. Lovely artwork combined with goodwill toward men. (Picture book. 3-7)

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