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The team that brought us Memoirs of a Goldfish (2010) reunites for another day-by-day diary of a pet whose life isn’t as boring as it first seems. “This hamster has it going on,” proclaims the cute little rodent after boasting about his bowl of sunflower seeds, his water dispenser, and his FuzzyBoy 360 hamster wheel. All would be perfect if not for the temptation planted by the family cat. “The staircase is made of sunflower seeds,” purrs the villain. “And the sunroom is filled with yogurt drops.” Eager to visit this utopia, the hamster busts out—only to be trapped behind the sofa by the cat and chased by the dreaded “Hoover.” It’s a classic story of the grass is greener, concluding, of course, with the hamster very satisfied to be back in his cage, even if it means suffering through smooches on the nose from the little girl. Scillian’s low-key sense of humor is perfect for our daffy protagonist, while Bowers’ art has a timeless, adorable appeal. Life is hard off the hamster wheel, you know?

—Daniel Kraus

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