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A little girl is ready to start her day in this lovely rhyming story that takes readers on her adventures. After a good breakfast, she and her father say goodbye to their cat and walk four floors down, making the journey to the park with their dog, and passing many different people along the way: “Hello sidewalk, / many feet! / Goodbye, / black cat, / city street.” After crossing paths with ducklings and making sand cakes, the family makes their way back through the rain and up the four floors to a nice bath, a good supper, and a soft bed. The colorful, almost vintage-like illustrations pair perfectly with the bouncy, lilting text to create a warm and happy glimpse into everyday life in a city. Krampien’s cozy artwork, populated by pleasantly cartoonish figures, has lots of background details little ones will have fun exploring. This cheery story celebrating everyday urban delights will likely appeal to kids who relate to the busy neighborhood in Julia Denos and E. B. Goodale’s contemplative Windows (2017).

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