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School Library Connection - My Red Velvet Cape

Cover: My Red Velvet Cape

Mateo is having a superhero themed birthday party. Grandma calls to wish him well and tell him she has made “a red velvet…” but before she can finish, Mateo becomes excited, certain that Grandma is bringing him a red velvet cape. He has many plans for how to use the cape, like walking the dog and getting to the bathroom on time. Then, his big sister punctures his excitement by telling him that Grandma is actually bringing a red velvet cake. Oh, what a difference one letter in a word can make! Mateo is devastated and sulks and pouts even when Grandma arrives with a package that contains “a red velvet…” The cartoon style watercolor and ink illustrations are full of action and expression. Details include bilingual color signs and superhero posters, a unisex restroom, multiracial friends, and a hip Grandma who flies with Mateo and his friends with her own red velvet cape. The back matter includes a section which teaches readers how to make their own red velvet capes.

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My Red Velvet Cape

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