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School Library Journal Reviews "Frog and Friends: Outdoor Surprises"

Cover: Outdoor Surprises

This easy reader features an energetic amphibian, his numerous woodland companions, and their adventures in the great big world. In the first story, Frog’s lighthearted side shines when a sore throat prevents him from singing and he shares jokes instead of joining the choir. The second tale highlights Frog’s uncanny knack for volunteering Squirrel for a particularly dangerous assignment when a baby bird’s nest falls from its tree. In the last selection, a spooky ghost tale, the critters are nervous when a towering shadow appears. Dynamic illustrations, largely in blue and green, break up the text, and the characters’ animated expressions reinforce the action. Succinct dialogue provides some details of the characters’ personalities. For example, “‘Humph!’ Squirrel said. ‘I will try to not drop the nest. And I will try to not drop me.’” Overall, a sweet, fairly satisfying addition.

—Meg Smith, Cumberland County Public Library, Fayetteville, NC

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