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Cover: Soar High, Dragonfly

This lovely tribute to dragonflies features two simultaneous narratives. One, probably intended for younger readers but sure to be enjoyed by all, is a bouncy, rhythmic flow of basic facts that appear in oversize, multicolor fonts, popping with onomatopoetic expressions that complement the titular refrain (“Soar high, dragonfly!”). The additional story line takes the form of short informational paragraphs that appear in a sober, smaller font, best suited to slightly older aspiring entomologists. The text follows the insect’s life cycle, from egg to nymph to full-grown dragonfly, providing a substantial amount of information in relatively few pages. The attractive collage illustrations fill the pages with bright color, effectively complementing details highlighted in both narratives. The singsong text begs to be read aloud, and the striking illustrations, reminiscent of Eric Carle’s critters, propel the action. This enjoyable offering from the team responsible for Good Trick, Walking Stick (2016) will make a handsome addition to school and public library collections.

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