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Cover: Stella Batts: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

“Stella Batts: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow” is a chapter book with immense appeal for kids age 7 and up, second in a series. Life starts out positive for Stella, child of candy store owners who gets to be an Official Batts Confections Taste-Tester. But after she goes to sleep testing magic, glow in the dark bubble gum, all that results is gum in her hair and a disastrous haircut that makes her look like a boy! To make things worse, she finds her best friend will be moving far across the country and her sister Penny loses her favorite stuffed animal named Belinda. Stella Batts is not a quitter, however, and her spunk comes to her rescue in more ways than one, even when problems baffle her. The good humor and resilience of character in this book bounces off the pages. Fast moving narrative is spiked with quirky black and white illustrations and real life frustrations and activities occur to these quite believable characters. Kids, especially girls will love Stella Batts as an unlikely heroine who cheerfully makes lemonade when life gives her lemons.

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