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“Isabel, with a halo of corkscrew curls, is nervous about going to her new school for the usual reasons, but especially because she’s worried she doesn’t know enough English. On her first day, she does her best to follow along, but making friends can be tricky without a shared language. Alessandri and Dawson fill the book with colors, both visually and in the words, which helpfully signal the emotions that Isabel, who loves to draw with an expansive palette, experiences over the course of the day. Her love of drawing helps her cross over the language barrier, too, when class coloring time gives her an opportunity to show her new classmates how she feels—and to make a friend. Spanish is neatly woven throughout the story, with the full text in Spanish included in insets on each page spread. The bold artwork features an appropriately vast palette of colors and folk art–like design elements, which helps convey Isabel’s artistic character. Pleasantly rounded characters add to the welcoming atmosphere, as does the message that art can bridge divides.”

—Alexandra Alessandri

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Isabel and Her Colores Go to School

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