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Using the concept of fairness as a stepping-stone to a larger discussion of social-justice issues, this introductory text from the Learning Anti-Bias: Social Justice in Action series (6 titles) makes big ideas accessible to young readers. Climate change and sports topics become the basis for short chapters that broach racial and economic injustices, gender inequality, ableism, and activism. Direct questions will help kids grasp issues by first grounding these inquiries in personal experience: “When is the last time you saw someone who had a disability play sports on TV?” Cookie-cutter layouts place a captioned stock photo on the left-hand page, with accompanying text printed on the right. Color bars often appear below the main text, with related activity and critical-thinking prompts. Though anti-bias is never defined, this book could be helpful in classroom settings.

—Adrienne van der Valk

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Social Justice All Around Us

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