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Cover: Discover Jellyfish

Booklist - Discover Jellyfish

This new Splash! series title, geared toward early independent readers, provides an accessible, general introduction to jellyfish in a slim format. Three short chapters highlight jellyfish characteristics or behaviors, such as their anatomy, how they swim, and the wide range of their size (“ View »

Cover: The Science of a Triple Axel

Booklist - The Science of a Triple Axel

The triple axel is one of the most difficult figure skating moves to master, and this installment in the Full-Speed Sports series highlights the feat, from its beginnings in the nineteenth century to its technologically advanced future. Though the title promises science, the author only… View »

Cover: What We Get From Norse Mythology

Booklist - What We Get from Norse Mythology

This accessible overview summarizes basic elements of Norse mythology and then asks young readers to reflect on how these influences relate to modern life. The first chapter outlines Viking history and culture, and subsequent chapters cover deities, folklore, language, and art. The final… View »

Cover: Get a Good Night's Sleep!

Booklist - Get a Good Night's Sleep!

In a slim, colorful volume, this 21st Century Junior Library/Your Healthy Body title offers a simple introduction to sleep and its importance to one’s health. The content touches on sleep’s physical and mental benefits, including better coordination, concentration, and mood; sleep-cycle… View »

Cover: Hazmat Removal Worker

Booklist Review - Hazmat Removal Worker

Cleaning up a hazardous waste spill or entire site requires more than donning protective gear. In this overview of the career, readers learn about training, safety procedures, types of hazardous materials, cleanup methods, and the prospects for jobs in the field. A simple yet engaging text… View »

Cover: Making Sock Puppets

Booklist - Making Sock Puppets

Fads come and go, but socks are forever. This volume in the How-to Library series begins with the history of both the puppet and the sock, the latter of which dates back to 300–500 CE. Satisfied that they are part of a grand tradition (and not mere sock-destroyers), readers can plunge fort View »

Cover: Soldering

Booklist - Soldering

Though not the most obvious fit into the 21st Century Skills Innovation Library series, this introduction to soldering provides DIYers with basic guidelines to a skill still useful for a variety of projects, from jewelry making and plumbing to creating or repairing electronic circuits. The… View »

Cover: Doctors Without Borders

Booklist - Doctors Without Borders

Founded in 1971 by French doctors and journalists, Doctors Without Borders has grown to become a worldwide organization of almost 30,000 people, providing services from health care to counseling to plumbing and electrical work. The book is divided into three short chapters, and the two-page… View »

Cover: I Cry

Booklist - I Cry

Both the physical and emotional reasons for tears get a solid treatment in this title from the Tell Me Why series. Marsico pulls readers in with the scenario of Mia, moving away from her best friend, Sam. Suddenly, the tears are falling, her nose is red, and Mia is crying. What’s going on?… View »

Cover: The Science of a Bridge Collapse

Booklist - The Science of a Bridge Collapse

When often high-profile bridge collapses occur, they can cause injury or death to motorists, not to mention lengthy traffic problems. This entry into the Disaster Science series looks into the faulty design, defective parts, overloading, environmental forces, and accidents that contribute… View »


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