How Does It Fly?

Kids have always been very interested in aviation and how things fly. Bright, engaging photos and clear, inviting text will captivate young readers as they explore these wonderful flying machines. The series contains a mix of aircraft from Gliders, Hot Air Balloons and Blimps, to Supersonic Fighter Planes and Bombers, to Helicopters and Propeller Planes. While the stunning photo's draw students into the book, the text exposes them to the science of flight. This set will be a winner for both avid and hard to reach readers.

How Does It Fly? Blimp

Blimps were once a popular form of transportation. Find out how they work and why they are not so common anymore. More »

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How Does It Fly? Bomber Plane

Discover what makes bomber planes different from regular airplanes and learn how they have been used throughout history. More »

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How Does It Fly? Fighter Plane

Since airplanes were first invented, they have often been used for military purposes. Learn about different kinds of fighter planes and find out how they are differen from regular planes. More »

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How Does It Fly? Helicopter

Learn how a spinning set of blades makes a helicopter fly and find out how pilots steer these interesting vehicles. More »

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