Language Arts Explorer

Language Arts Explorer applies the NCTE/IRA Standards to science and social studies content. Each book sends the reader on a fact-finding mission, posing an initial challenge and concluding with questions and answers. Through engaging, interactive scenarios, learners can experiment with text prediction, purpose-driven research, and creative problem solving—all critical thinking skills—while learning about ways to care for our planet.

Title   ATOS Format Qty
America's Colonization and Settlement 5.4
America: Three Worlds Meet 6.0
Biofuels 5.3
Contemporary United States 5.4
Geothermal Power 4.9
Natural Gas 5.2
Nuclear Power 5.6
Oil and Coal 5.5
Postwar United States 6.2
Save the Planet: Compost It 5.0
Save the Planet: Growing Your Own Garden 4.2
Save the Planet: Helping Endangered Animals
Save the Planet: Keeping Water Clean 4.6
Save the Planet: Local Farms and Sustainable Foods 5.4
Save the Planet: Protecting Our Natural Resources 4.8
Save the Planet: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle 4.8
Save the Planet: Using Alternative Energies 4.8
Science Lab: Gases 4.8
Science Lab: Motion and Forces 5.2
Science Lab: Properties of Matter 5.1

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