Information Explorer Junior

The Information Explorer Junior series provides readers with the tools they need to FIND, ORGANIZE, and SHARE information clearly and effectively. Targeted at an early age range than our popular Information Explorer: Super Smart Information Series, this set will help your younger readers become Information Explorers!

Being Respectful Online

Just like in real life, using the internet involves interacting and collaborating with other people. Readers of this book will find out why it is important to be respectful of the people they More →

Designing a Winning Science Fair Project

Learn how to design, carry out, and present the results of a science project. Students will use relevant prior knowledge of scientific experiments to present their ideas in a new way. The… More →

Find New Words with Dictionaries

So many words, so little time! This exciting new title from Cherry Lake publishing helps students understand and harness the power of print and electronic dictionaries. More →

Find the Right Words with Thesauruses

How many times have your students struggled to find the best word to describe a feeling, a scene, or an impression? This new title from Cherry Lake helps explain to young readers how a… More →

Find Your Way with Atlases

Designed to educate young readers on how to use an atlas. Includes information explaining various types as well as parts of atlases, including layout, keys, table of contents and index. More →

Getting Around Online

Describes how to search the Internet effectively, discussing choosing good keywords, using search engines, narrowing down a search by using additional keywords, using subject directories, and More →

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