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What are the benefits of alternative energy? What impact does energy have on globalization? Power Up! looks at energy sources that are needed to power our lives while teaching readers to focus on global awareness and critical thinking/problem solving skills.


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Individual Titles (10)

Cover: Bio-fuels
Cover: Coal
Cover: Electric Power Grid
Cover: Energy from Hydrogen
Cover: Energy from Wind, Sun, and Tides
Cover: From Waste to Energy
Cover: Geothermal Energy
Cover: Hydroelectric Energy
Cover: Nuclear Energy
Cover: Searching for Oil


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Each book in this new series provides a basic introduction to a different source of energy. The writing is clear and succinct, and the information is accurate, timely, and unbiased. The plentiful photographs are outstanding and reinforce the text. The author explains the history of each resource, how it is obtained and converted to energy, its environmental impact, and how the resource may be used in the future. Frequent sidebars, such as “21st Century Content” and “Life and Career Skills,” add value and interest. More traditional pronunciation guides in the glossary would be appreciated by those teaching dictionary skills. These attractive, informative books are certain to appeal to young readers and their teachers.

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Gregory A. Martin, Curriculum Materials Center Librarian, Assistant Professor of Library Science, Cedarville University, Cedarville, Ohio


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