Electricity and Magnetism

Cover: Electricity and Magnetism



The Hands on Science series provides students with background on key concepts in Science. Each title includes engaging hands on exercises that bring the concepts to life for kids. Real World Science: Electricity and Magnetism, provides information on static electricity, electric current, magnets, and electromagnets



  • Accelerated Reader® Quiz: 129151
  • Accelerated Reader® Reading Level: 4.6
  • Accelerated Reader® Interest Level: MG
  • Accelerated Reader® Points: 0.5

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Table of Contents

  • All Charged Up! Inside an Atom
  • Ready, Set, Flow! Electrons on the Move
  • Current Events! The News on Electric Current
  • Come on Over! How Magnets Work
  • Superstrong! Powerful Electromagnets
  • Real World Science Challenge Answers
  • Glossary
  • For More Information
  • Index
  • About the Author



Widely spaced lines of text and bright color photos combine to give this entry in the Real World Science series visual appeal for younger and reluctant readers alike. Though she skips such complexities as AC and DC, resistance, or how electricity is measured, Rau describes in clear, simple terms how static and current electricity behave and are used. She then goes on to introduce magnets and electromagnets, and closes with a discussion of how electricity can create magnetism and vice versa. Including six safe demonstrations dubbed “Real World Science Challenges” and capped with (mostly) audience-appropriate print and online resources, this may inspire budding Edisons to tackle the project-oriented likes of Sarah Angliss’ Electricity and Magnets (2001).

—John Peters


Author: Dana Meachen Rau

Dana Meachen Rau is the author of more than 200 books for children. She has written a variety of nonfiction titles on many subjects, including books on history, science, toys, and crafts, as well as biographies. When she is not working in her home office, she is outside walking or running in her sneakers around her neighborhood in Burlington, Connecticut.


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