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Language Arts Explorer: Science Lab delves into the science of earth and space, life, and technology, while engaging readers in the process of scientific inquiry. Each book in the series will use the voice of a scientist or lab technician to take the reader through several fictional, but fact-based, experiments. Through the journal notes of the narrator's own problem, prediction, experiment, and results, the readers will see the scientific process in action. These accounts will touch upon the new emphases direction of the NSES standards, which focus not solely on content but also on the process of inquiry.


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Individual Titles (8)

Cover: Science Lab: Gases
Cover: Science Lab: Motion and Forces
Cover: Science Lab: Properties of Matter
Cover: Science Lab: Soil
Cover: Science Lab: Technological Design
Cover: Science Lab: The Life Cycles of Plants
Cover: Science Lab: The Transfer of Energy
Cover: Science Lab: Weather Patterns


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