Let's Look at Winter

Cover: Let's Look at Winter



The Let's Look at Winter series consists of eight books, each introducing an aspect of changes and events that take place in the winter season. This colorful and engaging series encourages readers to understand and observe the changes and events that take place in winter. Content is correlated to science and social studies curriculum standards regarding seasons, as well as how people, animals, and plants respond to seasonal changes. What Do You See? Questions, which are paired with full-page photos, sharpen students' critical viewing and thinking skills.


BISAC Subjects

  • Compact view
  • Extended view

Individual Titles (8)

Cover: How's the Weather in Winter?
Cover: We Celebrate Christmas in Winter
Cover: We Celebrate Hanukkah in Winter
Cover: We Celebrate Kwanzaa in Winter
Cover: We See Snowflakes in Winter
Cover: What Do Animals Do in Winter?
Cover: What Do People Do in Winter?
Cover: What Happens to Plants in Winter?


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