Tell Me Why Library

Set of 36 titles

Young children are naturally curious about themselves. The Tell Me Why series offers answers to their most compelling questions. Age-appropriate explanations and appealing photos encourage readers to continue their quest for knowledge. Additional text features and search tools, including a glossary and an index, help students locate information and learn new words.

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Tell Me Why Library (36 titles)
Bats Sleep Upside Down 3.2
Bears Hibernate 2.7
Camels Have Humps 3.4
Chameleons Change Color 4.6
Dolphins Breathe Air 3.1
Elephants Have Trunks 4.0
Flowers Bloom 3.9
Giraffes Have Long Necks 3.8
I Burp 4.0
I Can't Eat Peanuts 4.6
I Cry 3.8
I Get Hungry 4.2
I Get Sunburned 4.2
I Get the Hiccups 3.8
I Have a Belly Button 3.4
I Need Glasses 3.9
I See Falling Stars 3.4
I See Rainbows 3.3
I Talk in My Sleep 3.0
I Throw Up 4.3
It Gets Foggy 3.6
It Snows 3.3
Leaves Change Color 3.0
My Fingernails Grow 3.3
Penguins Can't Fly 3.2
Poison Ivy Makes Me Itch 3.5
Skunks Smell Bad 3.2
Snakes Shed Their Skin 3.2
Spiders Weave Webs 4.4
The Moon Changes Shape 3.4
The Wind Blows 3.9
There is Day and Night 2.4
We Have Earthquakes 3.2
We Have Hurricanes 3.9
We Have Tornadoes 3.4
Zebras Have Stripes 3.3
Interest Level Grade 2 - Grade 5
Reading Level Grade 4
Dewey 154.6-617.7/522
Lexile 410L-810L
ATOS Reading Level 2.4-4.6
Guided Reading Level M-P
Language English
Publisher Cherry Lake Publishing
Available Formats Reinforced book (9781633625488), Paperback (9781633626386), PDF (9781633627284), Hosted ebook (9781633628182)
Copyright 2016
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