Global Citizens: Environmentalism

Cover: Global Citizens: Environmentalism



Using the new C3 Framework for Social Studies Standards, this series explores the hot topics in modern environmentalism through the lenses of History, Geography, Civics, and Economics. As they read, students will develop questions about the text, and use evidence from a variety of sources in order to form conclusions. Data-focused backmatter is included, as well as a bibliography, glossary, and index.


BISAC Subjects

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Individual Titles (8)

Cover: Clean Water
Cover: Climate Change
Cover: Drilling and Fracking
Cover: Land Trusts and National Parks
Cover: Permaculture
Cover: Recycling and Waste
Cover: Renewable Energy
Cover: Wildlife Conservation


School Library Connection - Global Citizens: Environmentalism

Each book in this series begins with the basic definition of environmentalism, which then leads into the particular topic of discussion within the field. While the series works through many known concepts, the author does bring forth additional topics the student may not have heard about. Each page of text is complemented by a crisp full-page color photograph with a caption at the bottom. The concepts are explained via easy-to-understand details and short sentences that do not overwhelm the reader. Included info boxes add in additional learning tasks such as “Developing Questions,” “Gathering and Evaluating Sources,” “Taking Informed Action,” and “Communicating Conclusions.” These additional boxes ask the student to research questions based on the text and to come to their own conclusions. Additional Resources. Glossary. Index. Table of Contents.


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