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Social Studies

How Do They Help?

Explore the many ways these international and more local community-focused groups help others and the environment. Volunteers and workers are providing disaster relief, urgent medical care,… More →

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How Do We Live Together?

This new addition to the Community Connection library opens young eyes to the bustling world around them and gently encourages early learning. Boys and girls will see how animal mothers care… More →

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Innovation in Entertainment

The Innovation in Entertainment series answers questions like these: Did you ever wonder who invented your favorite video game? Who came up with the idea to add a camera to your cell phone?… More →

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Innovation in Medicine

The Innovation in Medicine series explores the role innovation has played in medicine and how peoples life and health have improved as a result. Life expectancy has increased by some 28 years More →

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Innovation in Sports

The Innovation in Sports series answers questions like: Did you ever wonder who made up the rules of your favorite sport? Why does the equipment looks the way it does? You'll find the answers More →

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Innovation in Transportation

The Innovation in Transportation series takes a look at people and creative ideas that have changed the way that we travel and transport products. The series answers questions like: Did you… More →

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In the Know: Influencers and Trends

We're spilling the tea on the latest trends. Curious about the lives of influencers? Want to know more about the popular sneakerheads and hypebeasts? Read more to be in the know. This… More →

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It's Cool to Learn About Countries

Have your students ever wanted to explore a different country and learn more about its culture? With this informative series they'll get the inside scoop on nations around the world,… More →

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It's Cool to Learn About the United States

The United States is a vast country full of interesting people, places, customs, and cultures waiting to be discovered. This series from Cherry Lake Publishing, aligned to national curriculum More →

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Just Breathe

Books in the Just Breathe series provide readers with tools on how to practice mindfulness throughout their day. Readers are provided with helpful exercises, tips, and activities to better… More →

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