Barbara A. Somervill

Barbara A. Somervill writes children’s nonfiction books on a variety of topics. She is particularly interested in nature and foreign countries. Somervill believes that researching new and different topics makes writing every book an adventure. When she is not writing, Somervill is an avid reader and plays bridge.


Title   ATOS Format Qty
Veterinarian 5.9
Wildlife Photographer 5.6
It's Cool to Learn About Countries: Ethiopia 5.5
Actor 5.7
Musician 5.5
It's Cool to Learn About the United States: West 6.3
Green General Contractor 6.0
Commercial Fisher 5.3
It's Cool to Learn About Countries: Japan 5.2
It's Cool to Learn About Countries: Mexico 5.2
Dental Hygienist 6.4
Monitor Lizard 5.4
Python 5.6
Small Indian Mongoose 5.1
Food Scientist 5.9
Marine Biologist 6.3
Glaciers 5.3
Plains and Plateaus 5.2
Grizzly Bear 6.0
Florida Panther 5.9
Fire Ant 5.6
Wild Boar 5.9
Brown Treesnake 5.6
Sea Lamprey 6.4
Wildlife Photographer 5.6
Veterinarian 5.9
Africanized Honey Bee 5.4
Asian Carp 6.0
Cane Toad 6.4
Gray Squirrel 6.2
American Bison 6.5
Golden Lion Tamarin 6.4
Gray Wolf 6.3
Mountain Gorilla 6.2
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