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Cover: Digger and Daisy Go to the City

In their fourth sibling adventure, Digger and Daisy are as fresh and curious as when readers first encountered them (Digger and Daisy Go to the Zoo, 2013); at this pace, there’ll be no issues about ever having to grow up.And, frankly, who wants them to? These two young canines—the older Daisy, in glasses and a skirt that looks like a pink banana; the younger Digger, all roving eyes and nose—are the kind who can squabble and keep it to a sentence in length, not a daylong misery. This outing is to the city, and Daisy cautions Digger (she frequently cautions Digger just before Digger sets in motion whatever she has cautioned him about) to “Stay by me.…You do not want to get lost.” This refrain is a touchstone for beginning readers and, of course, one that Digger will (almost) lose track of. Daisy wants to visit all the clothing stores—Digger offers resistance but complies—but when Digger wants to visit just one store, Daisy decides not. It is Digger’s charm to find a simple but canny way to get his satisfaction and Daisy’s to know when she has been had. Sullivan’s artwork is as affable, diverting and gumball-bright in the city as in the country. If taken to heart, a beginning reader with lasting impact.

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