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Cover: The Town that Fooled the British

The Town That Fooled the British: A War of 1812 Story" is a historic reconstruction tale from the Tales of Young Americans series, introducing the character of young Henry Middle, a fictional but realistically based hero from St. Michaels, Maryland, a town of shipbuilders. The mighty British navy fleet sails up the Chesapeake River determined to destroy the shipbuilding town. What can one boy do to help a town of shipbuilders outsmart the British? In this American David and Goliath tale, the American creators of the Baltimore Clippers prepare to flee the threatened attack of the dreaded British fleet. The time is the summer of 1813. Henry’s mother is a nurse, and the family decides to stay hidden in their cellar to help care for the wounded. Henry takes two lanterns intending to deliver them to his father, who serves in the town militia. The town’s militia dreads the British cannons’ attack, and the gunmen who will come ashore. But a rainstorm with fog can help to turn the tide for the American town, if they will listen to young Henry’s inspired idea to hang the lanterns high in the trees to fool the oncoming British ships and cannons. “The Town That Fooled the British” is based on a historical event. To pique young readers’ curiosity about the significance of their nations’ history, Tales of Young Americans will hopefully continue to produce inspiring literary offerings appealing to children ages 6-10.

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