Working on a Farm

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Working on a farm introduces young readers to many careers available on a farm. Colorful sidebars encourage young children to think, create, guess, and ask questions about a career working on a farm.


  • Level: Grade 2 - Grade 5
  • Dewey: 630.023
  • Reinforced book (9781602792715): 8 x 8, 24 pages, © 2009
  • PDF (9781602794207): 24 pages, © 2009
  • Hosted ebook (9781602794207H): 24 pages, © 2009
  • Series: 21st Century Junior Library
  • Subseries: Careers

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Table of Contents

  • What Is a Farm?
  • Farm Workers
  • Do You Want to Work on a Farm?
  • Glossary
  • Find Out More
  • Index
  • About the Author


School Library Journal

These ambitious titles offer a wealth of material about the different careers that can be found under the umbrella of one workplace: Hospital, for example, covers doctors, nurses, physical therapists, chaplains, custodial and kitchen workers, accountants, and lawyers, with the latter being described in the most general of terms (“lawyers make sure the hospital follows all of its rules”). Each volume begins with a general description of the workplace, followed by details about workers and a final chapter recommending early steps readers can take to pursue one of these careers—those interested in becoming teachers can help friends with schoolwork, for example. Sidebars with headings such as Create! Think! and Ask Questions! encourage active learning and extend the ideas presented in the text. Colorful, clear photos on each page seem carelessly chosen (some fail to add information), and the books have several typos. Despite the chipper tone of the texts—there are lots of exclamation points!—readers may be overwhelmed.


Author: Katie Marsico


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