21st Century Basic Skills Library

Set of 132 titles

The 21st Century Basic Skills Library readers support the development of reading skills as they introduce students to vocabulary and content they will use for a lifetime. Let your young readers discover the joy of reading for information as they build reading fluency.

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21st Century Basic Skills Library (132 titles)
Bar Graphs 1.4
Be on Time! 2.2
Big and Small 1.0
Cheetahs 2.0
Chimpanzees 2.2
Combine Harvester
Cotton Picker
Discover Beluga Whales 2.8
Discover Bottlenose Dolphins 2.5
Discover Great White Sharks 2.7
Discover Hammerhead Sharks 2.5
Discover Jellyfish 2.2
Discover Moray Eels 2.8
Discover Octopuses 2.2
Discover Penguins 2.5
Discover Rays 2.1
Discover Sea Horses 2.4
Discover Sea Stars 2.4
Discover Sea Turtles 3.1
Elephants 2.1
Farm Quad
Fast and Slow 1.0
Foals Grow up to Be Horses
Four-Track Tractor
Four-Wheel Drive Utility Tractor
Giraffes 2.1
Graphing Story Problems 2.0
Hard and Soft 1.2
Hippopotamuses 2.1
Hot and Cold 1.2
How Tall? How Wide?
How's the Weather in Fall? 1.1
How's the Weather in Spring? 1.1
How's the Weather in Summer? 1.1
How's the Weather in Winter? 1.2
I Know Baseball 1.8
I Know Basketball 2.0
I Know Football 2.0
I Know Gymnastics 2.9
I Know Hockey 2.1
I Know Soccer 1.8
In and Out 1.1
It Is about Time!
Jaguars 2.1
Joy 1.1
Keep It Clean: Achoo!
Keep It Clean: Germ Free
Keep It Clean: Get Well Soon
Keep It Clean: Time to Wash Up
Keeping Cool in Summer 1.2
Kids Can Clean up Trash
Kids Can Keep Air Clean
Kids Can Keep Water Clean
Kids Can Recycle
Kids Can Reuse
Kids Can Use Less
Kits Grow up to Be Rabbits
Kittens Grow up to Be Cats
Koala Bears 2.0
Let's Sort Money 1.4
Let's Sort Shapes 1.7
Let's Sort by Color 1.5
Let's Sort by Size 1.4
Line Graphs 1.8
Pictographs 1.5
Pie Graphs 1.6
Plan Ahead! 2.4
Planting a Garden in Spring 1.2
Play Fair! 2.3
Please and Thank You! 2.1
Plow and Ripper
Polar Bears 2.2
Potato Harvester
Puppies Grow up to Be Dogs
Push and Pull 1.3
Put Your Stuff Away! 2.3
Shapes Everywhere
Sit and Stand 1.2
Speak Up! 2.1
Taking Turns! 2.0
Tally Charts 2.0
The World Around Us: Forests
The World Around Us: Lakes
The World Around Us: Mountains
The World Around Us: Rivers
Up and Down 1.1
Use Your Indoor Voice! 2.2
Visiting the Beach in Summer 1.2
We Celebrate Arbor Day in Spring 1.3
We Celebrate Christmas in Winter 1.2
We Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Spring 1.4
We Celebrate Earth Day in Spring 1.3
We Celebrate Halloween in Fall 1.1
We Celebrate Hanukkah in Winter 1.1
We Celebrate Independence Day in Summer 1.3
We Celebrate Kwanzaa in Winter 1.2
We Celebrate Thanksgiving in Fall 1.1
We Harvest Apples in Fall 1.1
We Harvest Pumpkins in Fall 1.1
We See Snowflakes in Winter 1.1
What Blossoms in Spring? 1.4
What Do Animals Do in Fall? 1.0
What Do Animals Do in Spring? 1.1
What Do Animals Do in Summer? 1.2
What Do Animals Do in Winter? 1.1
What Do Bees Do in Summer? 1.1
What Do People Do in Fall? 1.1
What Do People Do in Spring? 1.2
What Do People Do in Summer? 1.0
What Do People Do in Winter? 1.1
What Does It Weigh?
What Happens to Leaves in Fall? 1.0
What Happens to Plants in Summer? 1.1
What Happens to Plants in Winter? 1.1
Your Healthy Plate: Dairy
Your Healthy Plate: Fruits
Your Healthy Plate: Grains
Your Healthy Plate: Oils and Fats
Your Healthy Plate: Protein
Your Healthy Plate: Vegetables
Interest Level Kindergarten - Grade 3
Reading Level
Dewey 001.4/226-796.962
Lexile 40L-690L
ATOS Reading Level 1.0-3.1
Guided Reading Level D-L
Language English
Publisher Cherry Lake Publishing
Available Formats Reinforced book (9781534102033), Paperback (9781534102538), PDF (9781534102286), ePub (9781534104839), Hosted ebook (9781534102781), Kindle (9781534103337)
Copyright 2018
Number of Pages 24
Dimensions 8.25 x 8.25
Graphics Full-color photographs
Glossary of key words
Sources for further research
Table of contents
Full-color photographs