Spring 2020

Babies at the Zoo

Cover: Babies at the Zoo



This level 3 guided reader series allows readers to get a close look at some of the most amazing baby animals in the world. Books include intriguing facts and adorable photos. Readers will develop word recognition and reading skills while learning how these baby animals learn and grow, what they eat, and how they socialize with each other. Includes table of contents, glossary, index, author biographies, sidebars, and word list for home and school connection.


BISAC Subjects

  • Compact view
  • Extended view

Individual Titles (10)

Cover: Cheetah Cubs
Cover: Chimpanzee Babies
Cover: Elephant Calves
Cover: Giraffe Calves
Cover: Hippopotamus Calves
Cover: Jaguar Cubs
Cover: Koala Bear Joeys
Cover: Polar Bear Cubs
Cover: Sloth Babies
Cover: Penguin Chicks


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