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Natural Sciences

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Hello, Body!

How much do young readers know about their bodies? From circulatory and nervous systems to skeletal and muscular systems, it's time to explore body basics and more. Titles provide incredible… More →

Hello, Everglades!

Books in the Hello, Everglades! series take young readers on a journey through the Everglades, exploring the flora and fauna of the region. Each book uses the whole language approach to… More →


How the Heck Does That Work?!

Science can be weird. What's the purpose of snot? How do we taste flavors? Why do polar bears look white if their skin is black? In How the Heck Does That Work?! series, readers will explore… More →

I Can See

The I Can See series explores the familiar sights in a reader's community. The series utilizes a curriculum based text to get children comfortable with reading. Each book uses the Whole… More →

It's Cool to Learn About Countries

Have your students ever wanted to explore a different country and learn more about its culture? With this informative series they'll get the inside scoop on nations around the world,… More →

It's Cool to Learn About the United States

The United States is a vast country full of interesting people, places, customs, and cultures waiting to be discovered. This series from Cherry Lake Publishing, aligned to national curriculum More →

Learn About Earth's Systems: Bays

In Learn About Earth's Systems: Bays, readers will explore how the water, ground, air, and plant and animal life interact. This series takes readers on a journey to eight of America's bays.… More →

Let's Look at Spring

Each book in the Let's Look at Spring series introduces an aspect of changes and events that take place in the spring season. This colorful and engaging series encourages readers to observe… More →

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