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Natural Sciences

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My Guide to Earth's Habitats

Early readers will explore Earth's different habitats in this series. From their unique features to the creatures that inhabit them, these books examine each habitat in simple sentences that… More →

My Guide to the Planets

The My Guide to the Planets series introduces early readers to the planets in our solar system. Each book is told from the planet's perspective, providing a unique and fun approach to science More →


My Guide to the Solar System

The My Guide to the Solar System series takes readers on a trip through our solar system and beyond! Meet characters like the Sun and a Meteor, who explain the science behind how they work… More →

My Healthy Habits

The My Healthy Habits series provides the earliest of readers a foundation in developing healthy habits. Topics range from brushing your teeth to getting exercise. Simple sentence structure… More →

My Life Cycle

Explore the life cycles of creatures large and small, from the simple mayfly to Africa's proud lion. Told from the creature's perspective, early readers get a first-hand experience of their… More →

My Mindful Day

Early readers are introduced to a foundation of daily mindfulness practices in the My Mindful Day series. Books encourage social emotional learning, empathy, compassion, and personal peace… More →

My Science Fun

Each book in the My Science Fun series includes a simple experiment for the earliest readers. Books feature step-by-step instructions on fun experiments while encouraging further exploration… More →

My World of Science

Using the new Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), the My World of Science series provides the earliest readers with background on key STEM concepts, from the solar system to plant… More →

Natural Disasters

Early guided readers in the 21st Century Basic Skills Library support the development of reading skills as they introduce students to vocabulary and content that they will use for a lifetime. More →

Nature's Makers

The Nature's Makers series takes a look at today's makers and farmers who produce organic and small batch products--from grains and veggies to ice cream and honey. Aligned to curriculum… More →

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