Magic, Myth, and Mystery

Cover: Magic, Myth, and Mystery



Books in the Magic, Myth, and Mystery series explore those spooky creatures that go bump in the night, fill our dreams (or nightmares!), and make us afraid of the dark. Written with a high interest level to appeal to a more mature audience and a lower level of complexity with clear visuals to help struggling readers along. Considerate text includes tons of fascinating information and wild facts that will hold the readers' interest, allowing for successful mastery and comprehension. A table of contents, glossary with simplified pronunciations, and index all enhance comprehension.


  • Level: Grade 4 - Grade 8
  • Graphics: Full-color photographs
  • Reinforced book (9781634720786): 7.5 x 9.5, 32 pages, © 2017
  • Paperback (9781634721080): 7.5 x 9.5, 32 pages, © 2017
  • Hosted ebook (9781634721233): 7.5 x 9.5, 32 pages, © 2017
  • Subject: Language Arts
  • Series: Magic, Myth, and Mystery

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Individual Titles (12)

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School Library Connection - Magic, Myth, and Mystery

This high interest series is aimed at older elementary students and written at a second-grade reading level to engage struggling readers. Students will love reading about what people believed about these mythological beings in the past, where those legends came from, and what we know now. Words that the reader may not know are bolded and then explained in detail. Since the creatures in these books have never been found, the information cannot be verified to be a true nonfiction series. However, students will devour the topic of Cryptozoology and not even realize they are learning. Additional Resources. Glossary. Index. Table of Contents.


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