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Language Arts · Professional

Explore a Workplace

Children are endlessly fascinated in the world around them. In the Explore a Workplace series readers are invited to look at careers available in a variety of workplaces that may be found in… More →

Science & Technology

Explorer Junior Library

The Explorer Junior Library is a popular and expanding offering from Cherry Lake Publishing. The library now includes Language Arts Explorer Junior, Information Explorer Junior, and Science… More →

Natural Sciences

Exploring Our Oceans

Young readers are fascinated by the ocean and the wide variety of interesting creatures that live in the water. The Exploring Our Oceans library gives readers a close-up view of these… More →

Natural Sciences

Exploring Our Rainforests

Exploring Our Rainforest introduces readers to the animals that fly, slither, hop, and swing through the rainforest. Range maps, body diagrams, and full-color photos add interest and provide… More →

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