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Natural Sciences

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Let's Look at Summer

Each title in the eight-book Let's Look at Summer series introduces an aspect of changes and events that take place in the summer season. Readers are encouraged to observe the changes and… More →

Let's Look at Winter

The Let's Look at Winter series consists of eight books, each introducing an aspect of changes and events that take place in the winter season. This colorful and engaging series encourages… More →


Lights On! Animals That Glow

Students will be amazed to learn that some insects and ocean animals make their own light, the amazing ability is called bioluminescence. Some creatures dangle a lighted lure to find prey,… More →


Malcolm's Martians: Exploring Mars

Malcolm and his friend Daniela are having the coolest summer ever. Malcolm's dad, Dr. Thomas, has brought them to his work--on Mars! Exploring the unexplored up close is every young… More →

Marvelous Migrations

From the monarch butterfly to the humpback whale, Earth's creatures, both big and small, travel hundreds of miles each year on magnificent journeys. Follow their trails from beginning to end… More →


Mind Blowing! The Brain

The human brain is incredible, controlling everything you do--from skipping and thinking to making memories and dreaming. Your brain allows you to learn about and explore the world. Students… More →


Mission: Mars

Every day, NASA learns a little bit more about our nearest neighbor, Mars. No planet besides Earth has been explored more! Students will look at Mars's geology and what may lie beneath the… More →

My Dinosaur Adventure

The My Dinosaur Adventure series introduces early readers to the coolest creatures in history. With the help of their new prehistoric pals, readers will explore the Jurassic world and dig up… More →


My Early Library

The My Early Library books are developed with the earliest reader in mind. Subject matter is handled in an uncomplicated and age-appropriate way that encourages readers to ask deeper… More →

My Favorite Animal

The My Favorite Animal series lets the earliest readers explore the animal kingdom. Each book examines the characteristics and habitats of an interesting animal in a simple way that will help More →

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