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Natural Sciences

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On the Trail: Study of Secretive Animals

This high-interest narrative nonfiction series introduces young readers to extremely secretive and rare wildlife and the amazing group of scientists who study them. The series is packed with… More →

Outdoor Explorers

The Outdoor Explorers books let young readers investigate the five US regions through a fun nature hike. Readers learn about the plants, animals, weather, and geography of the Midwest,… More →


The Plants series helps young readers find the answers to questions and learn about the incredible world of plants. Call-outs throughout each book prompt inquiry and critical thinking skills… More →

Power Up!

What are the benefits of alternative energy? What impact does energy have on globalization? Power Up! looks at energy sources that are needed to power our lives while teaching readers to… More →

Real World Math: Geography

This new offering is an addition to our popular Real World Math Series that reviews have been calling "extraordinary, outstanding, and innovative." The series takes a cross-curricular… More →

Real World Math: Natural Disasters

The Real World Math:Natural Disasters series show readers how they can use their math skills to learn more about the 21st Century world that we live in. Each title in the series provides… More →


Responding to Natural Disasters

Readers will discover the science behind natural disasters and learn how first responders aid in the coping, healing, and rebuilding of the affected communities post-disaster. Focused on… More →

Road to Recovery

Road to Recovery offers animal titles that do much more than simply profile kid-popular wildlife. This series explores animals that were on the endangered species list, but are on the way… More →

Sea Creatures

The ocean is home to a variety of fascinating animals, from majestic sea turtles to graceful rays to playful bottlenose dolphins. Each book captivates readers with fascinating facts about sea More →


The Shapes series uses familiar shapes to help beginning readers identify concepts such as opposites, colors, counting, and more. Books use the Whole Language approach to literacy, a… More →

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