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Grade 3

Cover: Explore a Workplace

Explore a Workplace

Children are endlessly fascinated in the world around them. In the Explore a Workplace series readers are invited to look at careers available in a variety of workplaces that may be found in… More »

Cover: Extraordinary Engineering

Extraordinary Engineering

The 21st Century Junior Library Extraordinary Engineering series explains how important feats of engineering are accomplished, providing age-appropriate content, aligned to curriculum… More »

Cover: Farm Animals

Farm Animals

Farm animals are fascinating to kids of all ages. We've added 2 new titles to this popular series from Cherry Lake Publishing. The series introduces young readers to animals that can be found… More »

Cover: Feelings


This Level 1 guided reader series explores feelings. Students will develop word recognition and reading skills while learning about their feelings. More »

Cover: Getting to Know Our Planet

Getting to Know Our Planet

Explore the Earth's various biomes and learn all about what it's like to live in this biome, from what kinds of plants and animals are found there to what kinds of weather it receives. More »

Fall 2019 Cover: Growing Character

Growing Character

Books in the Growing Character series teaches young readers about strong character and important values. This book is intended to help build a foundation for students to develop into morally… More »

Cover: How Did That Get to My House?

How Did That Get to My House?

You hit the remote control and the TV comes on, flick a switch and the room lights up, enter a question online and the answer appears instantly. How does it all work? This series encourages… More »

Cover: How Did That Get to My Table?

How Did That Get to My Table?

Have you ever wondered how the food you eat gets to your table? This new series from Cherry Lake Publishing, follows the journey of your favorite foods from the farm to your table. Each book… More »

Cover: How Did They Build That?

How Did They Build That?

From an early age, kids love to build things. This engaging series will capture the attention of young readers as they learn about how things are built. The series focuses on items that… More »

Cover: How Does It Fly?

How Does It Fly?

Kids have always been very interested in aviation and how things fly. Bright, engaging photos and clear, inviting text will captivate young readers as they explore these wonderful flying… More »


Education for the 21st Century

Cherry Lake Publishing is committed to providing quality, relevant library and classroom resources that better prepare students for the future while exciting their imaginations on every page. We offer schools, libraries, and educators the tools they need to engage students in lasting and meaningful ways, help drive their achievement and performance, and better prepare them for life in the 21st Century. More »