Real World Math: Personal Finance

Cover: Real World Math: Personal Finance



The focus of Real World Math: Personal Finance series is the intersection between personal financial literacy and age-appropriate math skills. This series helps build solid skills that contribute to mathematic achievement today, while modeling responsible financial habits for the future.


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Individual Titles (10)

Cover: Giving Back
Cover: Investing: Making Your Money Work for You
Cover: Living on a Budget
Cover: Payday!
Cover: Saving for the Future
Cover: Smart Shopping
Cover: Starting Your Own Business
Cover: Understanding Taxes
Cover: Using Credit Wisely
Cover: What is Money?


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Content Adviser: Timothy J. Whiteford, PhD

Associate Professor of Education, St. Michael’s College, Colchester, Vermont

Content Adviser: Ryan Spaude, CFP

Kitchenmaster Financial Services, LLC, North Mankato, Minnesota


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