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Language Arts

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Hello, Everglades!

Books in the Hello, Everglades! series take young readers on a journey through the Everglades, exploring the flora and fauna of the region. Each book uses the whole language approach to… More →

Helping Out

The Helping Out series explores the ways little readers can help out in their own world. The series utilizes social emotional based text to get children comfortable with reading. Each book… More →

History Digs

This series follows students who are learning to interpret historical sources from historians, museum curators, and other experts. While applying text prediction, purpose-driven research, and More →

History's Yearbook

Who were history's biggest rebels? Who was voted "Life of the Party"? Who had the biggest heart? In the History's Yearbook series, readers will learn about the amazing women in history. From… More →

History Uncut

Everyone knows their stories, but do you know the REAL history behind the stories? History has never been so juicy! Written with a high interest level to appeal to a more mature audience and… More →

How Do They Help?

Explore the many ways these international and more local community-focused groups help others and the environment. Volunteers and workers are providing disaster relief, urgent medical care,… More →


How the World Worships

Readers will learn about the core teachings and beliefs of the world's most widely practiced religions through the lens of two different perspectives, one from the United States and the other More →

How-to Library

Sometimes all it takes to begin perfecting a new skill is a nudge in the right direction. Clear-cut explanations, diagrams, and photos help readers follow along with the activities in these… More →

How to Write

Writing is an important skill that kids use almost every day. Whether they're working on a school report or writing about their day, the Language Arts Explorer Junior: Writing Series has tips More →

I Can See

The I Can See series explores the familiar sights in a reader's community. The series utilizes a curriculum based text to get children comfortable with reading. Each book uses the Whole… More →

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